Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daily Druid

Welcome to the Daily Druid. Try as I might, I end up with tons of information for my druid friends in Axiom and other places that just clutters and mucks up our guild's forums. Or it gets mighty lost and can't be searched.
Seeing all of the other amazing blogs, I thought I might give this a try. I hope to have a daily thought or idea for my leafy, furry, and feathery friends. And I always welcome insights and ideas from others.
~Jadey the Loon


Marcy said...

Heya Jadey :D! It's Areena^^! I had no idea you had a blog hehe, it must be new. I hope things are going well on SC, I miss some of you a bucnch. I'm so excited, Areenas story has gotten far (almost to the end) and she may be getting married soon :D! Hopefully I'll talk to you later! BTW, did you ever transfer your Lock to MG? Much <3!

Marcy said...

Also! I love your UIs.. what mod to you use to load the images for the background behind the buttons (and the characters?) I may have to look into that ;)